Thursday, July 19, 2007

An Angel At My Alter
Do you believe in angels? in miracles?

Do you believe that the people we Love never leave? and that God, angels and miracles are happening all the time around us?

I do but it is not everyday that I have proof to show to you.

This picture is proof. In it you see me getting married to Michael. I'd say he's the man of my dreams but he is more than that and better than any dream I ever had. So there is one miracle.

Now - do you see the white "spot" behind me? That shows up here and there in the photos taken of us at the alter and of the wedding party while they were in attendance at the alter. The spot moves around but is usually near the crown, heart and root Chakras.
After the ceremony - it is gone.

My beloved mentor and friend, Dr. Belle, died the week before our wedding. Me, I think she was there with us afterall and that she had the best seat in the house. Belle helped me fix my "picker," she Loved Michael and was so happy for us.

I'll share more of these photos with you soon. Until then ... believe and feel the presence of the Love surrounding you. We are so loved and, we are never alone.

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