Wednesday, February 28, 2007

12 Steps to Love.

O.k. you may consider this an unconventional place to look for Love. Wait - let me present my case. Answer each question and feel your way ...

1. Would you agree that most of us - including YOU - have a lot of work to do when it comes to learning "how to" Love ourselves? Yes/NO

2. Do you think that everyone has problems and issues to work through? Yes/No

3. Do you agree with this statement "The problem doesn't matter nearly as much as the problem solving process. Are they avoiding IT or acknowledging it and taking appropriate action -- that is what matters most." Agree/Disagree

The best place I know of to meet people who take "IT" on; laugh at themselves and "IT" and are humble and helpful to others is in the 12 Step community.

Name your "IT" and there is a group waiting for you. Your footwork is to find them These rooms tend to be hidden behind churches, inside medical offices, hospitals and schools. To get you started on your 12 Step Meeting search, click here.

So -- you get started on clearing out whatever is in between you, fully Loving you. Then you won't be looking for Love - you'll have it. And, who knows what mature, responsible, fun loving, humble, action oriented significant other you might meet someday in some room with or without a view.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

HALT in the name of Love and you just might find it ...

One of the best ways I know of to find Love is to stop looking, stop doing -- HALT.

If you've been trying everything perhaps it is time for you to HALT - handle yourself & allow Love the space to come on in. The power of peace plus attraction is magnetic.

Click here to read more and learn "how to" apply HALT to your life.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

40something Love.

In my 20s & 30s I learned a lot about Love. I also crashed and burned a couple times. If Love was so easy there wouldn't be so many sad Love songs & I sang my share ...

In my 40s I finally started to understand that Love was an inside job. After 25 some years of dating my "ah ha" was that it can't be them that isn't working. The common denominator in all those years and all those relationships was ME.

That is why I started the Get Ready for Love! Show. If, in 25 years, I hadn't gotten it right I knew I needed HELP. Every week I called in an expert ... Click here for a topic that may be close to your heart right now.

Don't wait 25 years to work on your inside job. And, if you have ... So what. Now what? AKA, there is no time like the present to take yourself on & grow, baby grow.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Love in my 30s.

I stopped looking afar and started hunting in my own backyard starting with - the office. Then there were those family connections. Dated most of the "sons" of my parent's friends and friends of my brother Richard.

Just looking up survey results for where single people meet. I guess I was right on the money ...
* 38% met at work or school
* 34% met through family or friends
* 13% at clubs and entertainment events
* 3% on the Internet
* 2% at church
* 1% by chance
* 1% neighbor
* 1% at the gym
* 1% on a blind date

Where are you looking?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where is Love - Boyfriend within?

Where was I?

Oh yes, where oh where did I look for Love?

I was just sharing about Love in my 40s. But first came the roaring 20s.

I found Love hours away, states away and in other continents. Never did the "Back In Time" Chris Reeve kind of Love, but for some reason I considered it perfectly normal to be in Love with men I hardly saw.

A girlfriend of mine from college had this joke about "Boyfriends Within." I took that thought to heart.

And so went those 20s. A parade of invisible & unavailable men, an excellent fit for this work-a-holic, unavailable woman. Oh, and I when I had the time I would complain and whine "Why am I alone?"

What about you. Are you available? Honestly, truly? Do share.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm glad you got yours, but what about me?

That was the essence of a query I received this week. What a question for someone as analytical as moi! Do I talk about where I finally met Michael? Or how I started a radio show to surround myself with experts and benefit from their wisdom & Love Master juju? How about the book I read every night for a year (no lie.) Or that final date from hell that set me straight.

O.k. I'll go with my gut.

You've got to look UP for Love.

Before I looked UP I looked everywhere else.

I looked in bars and nightclubs and found men who drank and smoked. One man was tiny. I didn't know that because he was sitting on a stool. By the time I found out I had already asked him out on a date. (He would soon evaporate from my life. I cried on the phone to Marci saying things "even short men are rejecting me.")

I looked at Salsa Class and found men who could dance and pals but no romance. One object of desire immediately moved across county. Another quacked when he dipped me. For some reason that cute little quack stole away that lovin' feeling.

I looked at dog beach but only met men who had dogs and six packs or dogs and girlfriends or too many dogs or dogs that didn't get along with my dogs.

Gotta go and take care of my Love - yes, I did finally find my man. I'll tell you more tomorrow.