Monday, March 02, 2009

The Dynamic Laws of Healing - Book study Group Announcement

Unbeknownst to many of you, we have a sister-community over at

To make a long story, short ... First I got ready for love and got it. (Focus + Mechanisms (Radio Show, Books, Research, Application, Dates! etc.)

Sometime after we were married I noticed how tired I was ... I think in the love, peace and acceptance of my marriage I had more liberty to notice me how I felt then I ever had before. If you want the long story, click here. If not, just continue down!

I went to work on solving this fatigue as I had solved my lack of a loving husband in my life ...

Focus + Mechanisms = Re-energized Health.

(Same formula works for anything you want in life! We attract what we focus on most. The "mechanisms" make the process fun, interesting, enlightening ... whatever you want it to be.)

So - was that brief enough?

Now I wanted to let you know that we ( are starting a Book study on the Catherine Ponder best-seller, The Dynamic Laws of Healing. It is a miraculous book. Whether or not you can join in, please get a copy for yourself.

Now, if you are interested in perking up you energy (physical, spiritual, mental) OR need help getting your groove back, you may be interested in knowing that The Dynamic Laws of Healing is available at a very discounted price when you purchase a copy of my guide to recovery, The Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart e-Guide. Click here for more information about this an other exceptional offers that come with the guide!

Happy Monday to all, V.


Terry said...

Oh, I just love Catherine Ponder. She helped change my life. What a great study you're doing. Will help a lot of people, Viveca!

Viveca said...

Thanks Terry! She is awesome - changed my life too and reading her work helps me stay on course ...