Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Love Paris and I will be leaving on a jet plane very, very early in the morn! Won't be singing any sad songs about it because I am taking my Love with me.

We are having a BIG family reunion and celebrating ... Love, of course! It is the 50th wedding anniversary of my French Godfather.

Will carry you all with me in my pocket and tell you all about it when I get back. By the way --- we did put together a special Valentine's Day 2009 Newsletter so if you are not registered -- hurry up! Click here

This is a "Best Of" Self-Love & Significant Other Love Collection. There is something valuable in it for everyone!
Love to you! Viveca

P.S. Drop me a note using the "Comments" and tell me what you're up to and how you are flexing your heart strings!

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Viveca said...

Paris was fabulous! Just back going through e-mails and laundry and letters and bills ... hanging out with my four and two legged loves. Happy to be home where my heart is!
- Viveca