Thursday, January 29, 2009

Name your challenge -- Share Your Win!

All of us have challenges in life -- moments where we feel despair from a fall and elation in a win. That's life. We can't hide from it or avoid it. We can choose to travel it with friends, family and spirit.

Use this page as a place to share and release your fear. Use it as a place to share and release your miracles. Our motto is very, very simple:

Don't give up before you get your miracle.
-My Peeps

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Kat said...

My challenge is feeling safe pushing my boundaries. I could list all of my outward manifestations of this reality but it would still come back to that. So for me, it is fear - so I practice avoidance, distraction, etc... any time I get close to these pre-determined limits.

So my breakthrough is challenging those limits in order to see lasting results. I think it is working because your email showed up today - just as I am committing to allowing a partner into my life!

You are that unexpected spark today!


Kat said...

PS What is truly amazing, is that I have no idea where your newsletter came from. I just wanted to add that the theme of self-investment has been showing up lately, feeling worthy of time, energy, money - and I've been investing huge sums in myself and feeling more comfortable with doing that than ever!!! Big Win!

Viveca said...

I can see you shine from here! I congratulate you on being the first to post. Doesn't it feel good to put it down in writing and let it go -- there are miracles in the written, released words.

Years ago I took a seminar. The instructor asked who wanted a hundred dollars (he waved a bill at us.)

Many hands went up.

Again, he asked who wanted the $100.

Hands went up - voices called out.

He waved it again and asked who really wanted the $100.

Someone walked up to him and took the bill. That was the point of the exercise.

So many of us say we want something but our actions are empty.

Keep it up Kat.

While you're at it please e-mail me your address to

I have a goodie to send you!


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid and calm at the same time. I have to go in for a biopsy on my right breast. The doctor says it is probably nothing but ... I am grateful that I have such a strong connection to God. Didn't have that years ago and this is not something I want to go through alone.

So I have two weeks to think about my life. I started yesterday.

V - you know what came to me?

I've lived a great life. I have lacked for nothing. I've had huge wins & dramatic falls! I loved and been loved by many. Life has been generous to me.

What is still undone is my give back. Not just money but time, kindness, laughter, encouragement, respect ...

I am letting go of my fear. I am letting in miracles.


Viveca said...

Eli - thanks for sharing. I see you well and whole and happy. You'll have all the time you need to give it backwards.

Hugs - Viveca

Anonymous said...

"We do not have to keep ourselves stymied and trapped out of fear of making a mistake or failing. Naturally, we will make mistakes and fail from time to time. That is part of being fully alive.
There are no guarantees. If we are waiting for guaranteed courses of action, we may spend much of our life waiting."

-Melody Beattie

viveca said...

Well said Melody. Fear of failure is really fear of living fully. Thanks for sharing.
- Viveca