Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Emotional Freedom -- Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life!

One of the easiest ways to get ready for love and grow in love is to ... read. Devour books on the subject and talk about them with your friends. Emotional Freedom is one of those books. It is jam-crammed with powerful information, exercises and easy activities to help you know (and love) yourself.

Here is a snippet of info from between the covers.

Know thyself.-Socrates.

Chapter 4: From Intellectuals to Empaths: What Is Your Emotional Type?

The "types" covered are: Intellectual, Empath, The Rock and The Gusher.

Each type includes a complete description, quiz to help you determine if that is indeed your type, the "upside" and "downside" to the type and, finally, an "Emotional Action Step" to help you balance all sides and achieve -- Emotional Freedom.

I am an Empath who can tend to Gush! And what might you be? Take a guess just based on the words alone ... Later when you've read the chapter and journaled a tad, post your "Ah Ha" here.

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Dynamic Laws of Healing - Book study Group Announcement

Unbeknownst to many of you, we have a sister-community over at http://www.FatigueBeGoneBlog.com

To make a long story, short ... First I got ready for love and got it. (Focus + Mechanisms (Radio Show, Books, Research, Application, Dates! etc.)

Sometime after we were married I noticed how tired I was ... I think in the love, peace and acceptance of my marriage I had more liberty to notice me how I felt then I ever had before. If you want the long story, click here. If not, just continue down!

I went to work on solving this fatigue as I had solved my lack of a loving husband in my life ...

Focus + Mechanisms = Re-energized Health.

(Same formula works for anything you want in life! We attract what we focus on most. The "mechanisms" make the process fun, interesting, enlightening ... whatever you want it to be.)

So - was that brief enough?

Now I wanted to let you know that we (FatigueBeGoneBlog.com) are starting a Book study on the Catherine Ponder best-seller, The Dynamic Laws of Healing. It is a miraculous book. Whether or not you can join in, please get a copy for yourself.

Now, if you are interested in perking up you energy (physical, spiritual, mental) OR need help getting your groove back, you may be interested in knowing that The Dynamic Laws of Healing is available at a very discounted price when you purchase a copy of my guide to recovery, The Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart e-Guide. Click here for more information about this an other exceptional offers that come with the guide!

Happy Monday to all, V.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Love Paris and I will be leaving on a jet plane very, very early in the morn! Won't be singing any sad songs about it because I am taking my Love with me.

We are having a BIG family reunion and celebrating ... Love, of course! It is the 50th wedding anniversary of my French Godfather.

Will carry you all with me in my pocket and tell you all about it when I get back. By the way --- we did put together a special Valentine's Day 2009 Newsletter so if you are not registered -- hurry up! Click here

This is a "Best Of" Self-Love & Significant Other Love Collection. There is something valuable in it for everyone!
Love to you! Viveca

P.S. Drop me a note using the "Comments" and tell me what you're up to and how you are flexing your heart strings!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Name your challenge -- Share Your Win!

All of us have challenges in life -- moments where we feel despair from a fall and elation in a win. That's life. We can't hide from it or avoid it. We can choose to travel it with friends, family and spirit.

Use this page as a place to share and release your fear. Use it as a place to share and release your miracles. Our motto is very, very simple:

Don't give up before you get your miracle.
-My Peeps

To join in click on the "Comments" link and type away ...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you afraid of Love? Afraid to take a chance or love again or ...

Whatever your relationship fear today is a great day to breakthrough and open your mind, body and spirit to the love you deserve. You can take a chance and embrace life and that special someone, or keep on keepin' on. You get to choose ... so ...

Would like to learn how to live and love fearlessly? If yes, today is your lucky day!

One of my relationship mentors, Guy Finley, has just released his new book called, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living. To celebrate this launch, he also bundles 152 FREE GIFTS and a 60-minute DVD with each sale. One of the gifts is from yours truly, me! Look for the "Best of" Get Ready For Love Show Interviews and Topics.

For more information and to order your copy, click here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ask Your Big Sisters,

Been There * Done That

Advice on Love, Relationships & Life

It's great to hear you and Terry MacDonald talk about meeting these great men. But where are they for the rest of us??? I can think positively all I want but they are just not out there! Despite what you two say, I doubt I will find what I want ... and I don't think my standards are unrealistic! –Discouraged


Here’s the thing nobody tells you: Positive thinking, or more accurately, the Law of Attraction is hard work. It requires commitment and tenacity. Look, it’s one thing to write a list of the qualities you want in a man, a job, or a new house—it’s another to actually sit down and bring them to mind as if they really existed, and to feel the feelings you would feel if they truly did exist.

Your standards are realistic. You clearly know what you don’t want in a man. Here’s what you do want: A man who’s exciting, attractive, independent and looking to devote his life to one woman.

That’s your framework for attracting your Mr. Right. Feel free to toss in additional qualities, if you’re so inclined. You might want him to be smart, funny, and successful, too.

Let’s write an affirmation:

I, __________________, am in the process of attracting an exciting, fun, marriage to successful, independent man who loves me and happily spends the rest of his life with me.”

Your job is to use this affirmation, not to read it and forget about it. If you want results, you must say it out loud, write it repeatedly, and bring it to mind as you drop off to sleep at night. More important, you must conjure the emotions you’d feel if you were indeed in a happy relationship with this person.

After dating a parade of boring, unfaithful, No-Show-Joes, I wrote this affirmation:

“I am happily married to a loyal, loving, reliable, successful, fun man.”

I went to my bedroom every night for about six months, put on my favorite CDs, and brought that man to life in my mind. If I was sitting in a bar surrounded by a bunch of loud drunks, I sipped my drink and “felt” his loving arms around me.

It will come to you as no surprise, then, that I met my husband in a bar. And, no, he doesn’t drink.

Big Sister, Terry
Founder, HappyGirlMusing.com
author, Marry Smart


My best advice to you is to give UP on Love. It worked for me. Why couldn’t it work for you?

I gave it UP the night I was safely deposited back to my little apartment in Paris, alive and unspoiled. The evening started benignly. I was invited out to a club to listen to music with a guy I considered merely a friend.

Somehow, in between being picked up and delivered home, he bombarded me by telling me how much he loved me, how he wanted to love all of me, how great that would be for me, and how he would worship me like a queen.

At first this sounded great. I’d been on quite the dry spell.

Then it went on and on and on. He swarmed me from all sides. He implored me, “Touch me, kiss me, say yes to me, touch me, kiss me!” I responded by going numb. I suffered through the evening instead of picking myself up, peeling him off me, and calling a cab. Why? Like a lot of women, I got caught up in my “nice” routine. (If I’m nice to him, maybe, just maybe he’ll stop, go away, and self-implode on a distant street corner.)

When I released him without granting him the gift of intercourse in that teeny, weeny Parisian car I had 3 huge “ah has.”

  1. There are worse things than being alone.
  2. My impatient demands had attracted impatient results. BLEH.
  3. I would give my love life UP and over to God. I vowed, in a Scarlet O’Hara fashion, to never ever again look at another man without a clear “sign from God.” (Shake your fist in the air, look up, speak your truth and you can create this moment for yourself.)

From there, the months passed peacefully. Didn’t fuss, worry or strain. I stood my ground.

Six months later, I was at a meeting. A beautiful, white, thick, Irish hand knit sweater walked into the room and into my life. The sweater drew me like a moth. I had to pet it. I could not resist it.

The man in the wool turned out to be Michael, the man I fell in love with and married. My attraction to his sweater marked the first of many signs that he was—and is—the man for me.

-Big Sister, Viveca
Founder, Get Ready For Love

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